Saturday, July 17, 2010

soft stuff

Having two small man children of my own, I know how difficult it is getting unique creative and very cool stuffed toys. So when I was at Addison Road Markets a couple of Sundays ago, which by the way are one of the best markets I've been to since living in Sydney, I stumbled across an amazingly talented artist who had hand made these fantastic little characters out of recycled clothes and fur jackets, she even knits their sweet little scarves. She goes by the name of Pepper Stitches and I just had to have everything at her stall. I cleaned her out and couldn't wait to get back to sell them in store. I've only got a few left but just needed to share them.

What can I say, I love a crocheted toy. Aston Bear is about to make a guest appearance in Shop til You Drop for Kids. He's only a shortie, about 20cm high and $16.50, perfect for little chubby hands. He'll be famous, so meet him now and you can say "I knew him before he was big"!

His cousins are in store with him. Captain Monkey and Blackberry Bunny, who's the biggest at about 35cm.

While I'm on the topic of crafts that involve yarn, I found myself a talented mum down south that lives on a farm with a menagerie of animals. She also makes the BEST macrame owls I've seen since 1982. I only have 2 left in store, but there is a new parliament flying in early this week.

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