Thursday, September 30, 2010

A new beginning

To all of my many 8 loyal followers and those who prefer to stay anonymous, I have started a new blog to reflect the new name of Pulp Life. If the news hasn't reached you yet, Tracey and I recently sold Pulp Creative Paper to our beautiful and talented employee Sabina Fatt, who is also a graphic designer.

Trace and I had nurtured and grown Pulp for 7 fantastic years, we loved every moment of it and had a great relationship. Let's just say "we're sisters". Tracey's husband works for Billabong and was transferred to their head office on the Gold Coast. Obviously Trace wanted to go with him.

With two small boys and a second shop (Pulp Life) I couldn't and didn't want to do it all. I just didn't think I could do them all justice, so we decided to sell our big baby. It had grown into such a fabulous business, it was worth something. It's a very happy ending and now a new beginning for my new shop Neck of the Woods. So follow me there.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


There is a little book store in Manly, nestled in a cluster of divine Art Deco shop fronts on Whistler Street. It goes by the name of Desire books and it's been there for about 8 years, they specialise in all good second hand books (the smell is so very comforting).  I dropped by today to say hi to Katy who owns it with her husband Kuba, it's clear how much they love their little store and how beautifully they cared for and grown it since taking over from the previous culture loving owners Kreesha and Adam. There aren't too many creative individual and unique shops in Manly so I just wanted to pay a little homage to Desire. Do yourself some good and get lost in a pre-loved book on the velour lime armchairs at 3/3 Whistler Street Manly.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

who knew...

It's been a week since we returned from Melbourne and the trade fairs. I've had time to think about all the amazing products I saw, what I bought and what I should have bought. Our little shop is very empty at the moment but in 2-4 weeks I'm guessing there won't be much room to move. Over the next few days I'm going to wet your taste buds with a few of the delicious items on order!

The lovely bamboo solar powered range. Some good ideas for dad.

A radio for the bathroom. Can be used with wet hands.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

These amazing artworks are by Sunday Morning Designs which is a collaborative between Melbourne artists Lichen Kemp & Jitske Wiersma, even their names are beautiful! Actually I don't think I have that quiet right. I think the illustrations are done by Lichen's partner Dylan Martorell, but the other beautiful pieces of clothing, accessories and jewellery are designed by Lichen & Jitske. We are stocking the illustrations on pillow cases, they hop out the door very fast so give us a call if you're coming in just for them.

I've just upped my order with them. I think my two man children will love a tree house pillow to drift off to dream land with each night.

Monday, July 26, 2010

tick tock

If you're anything like me, the more time telling devices I have around me the more chance there is of me loosing track of it. I have no idea where it goes or where I put it, probably with my mobile phone when I've conveniently switched it to silent mode!

At least when they are as beautiful as the Alba alarm clock with old school LED digital numbers and faux speaker pattern, you can be forgiven for loosing a few minutes by just sitting and admiring it's suave features!

This very Scandinavian looking cuckoo clock is called the Popov. It's made from birch wood and is battery powered. The little cuckoo pops his head out once a day at 6.00, 8.00am or 1pm. We only have two in store so don't be late!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

winter woodland creatures

It's winter and a heard of woodland creatures have galloped in store! Deer, moose, squirrel and antelope, maybe they'll stay for Christmas.

If you like a more modern take on your hunting trophies then take a look at these majestic creatures.

Friday, July 23, 2010

blog this

These photo's are courtesy of the lovely Anna from rummey bears when she dropped by the shop last week and later posted a little spot on her blog. Not only is she an astute shopper and talented graphic designer, she takes some truly beautiful photographs.