Thursday, September 30, 2010

A new beginning

To all of my many 8 loyal followers and those who prefer to stay anonymous, I have started a new blog to reflect the new name of Pulp Life. If the news hasn't reached you yet, Tracey and I recently sold Pulp Creative Paper to our beautiful and talented employee Sabina Fatt, who is also a graphic designer.

Trace and I had nurtured and grown Pulp for 7 fantastic years, we loved every moment of it and had a great relationship. Let's just say "we're sisters". Tracey's husband works for Billabong and was transferred to their head office on the Gold Coast. Obviously Trace wanted to go with him.

With two small boys and a second shop (Pulp Life) I couldn't and didn't want to do it all. I just didn't think I could do them all justice, so we decided to sell our big baby. It had grown into such a fabulous business, it was worth something. It's a very happy ending and now a new beginning for my new shop Neck of the Woods. So follow me there.